Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Energy in Just 5 Minutes

               I have always been fascinated by the movements of the body and the effects on our spine and brain. When I was doing my physical therapy thesis many years ago at Long Beach State I did research on how certain movements affect our brain and spine health. Because certain movements increase blood flow to the brain, studies show that simply walking regularly benefit cognitive function.
              When I graduated from Chiropractic college, I often helped my patients design workout routines. I found that there were certain movements that no matter what the age or physical health, could increase flexibility, bring vital nutrients to our nerve system, and actually increase rather than expend energy! I designed a set of very simple movements that could do this in just 5 minutes. I also work with the elderly and modified these (just a little) so that they could even be done from a chair (or wheelchair).
             For more than 25 years I have been teaching the Energy Exercise class in our community. The step by step movements wake up the spine and help recharge the brains batteries so to speak. I have practice members that have been doing these exercises for over twenty years as a daily routine. My wife “wakes up” with these every day. She also uses several of them throughout the day because she is on a computer for long periods of time.  No longer waking up groggy and looking for coffee as feet hit the floor, improved memory, more energy, and relief of chronic back problems are just a few things that they have shared with me.
             In just 5 minutes and simple movements by consciously moving the body in different directions from the highest level of the spine down, it is possible to engage every level of the nervous system to all parts of the body.

Below is a video that introduces you to the movements and why they are done in the specific order.

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