Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The POWER 8 Weightless Workout "The 8 minute secret to strength and Vitality"

Could you sustain a state of continuous movement for 8 minutes straight?

Walking? Hiking? Running? Weight lifting? Cycling? Climbing? Swimming? Calisthenics?

When we started asking our community we found some people could say yes to one or two of the above exercises. A fewer amount answered yes to five, six or even all of the above examples of movement. The bottom line is its important for our heart and brain health to be able to complete continuous nonstop movement. Recent research shows that our body actually gets the best response if we continually push ourselves in short continuous bursts as opposed to long stagnant periods of sustained exercise.

The most common reason we hear for NOT working out is NOT having enough time to fit exercise into our busy lives. The question is: if your LIFE depended on it would you work out consistently every day for at least 8 minutes? Heres the great news with this workout you set your own pace so it's all about you and no one else.  The workout state below simplifies and breaks down most of the latest research in sports physiology. The sequence of different movements helps to improve balance, incorporates isotonic contractions for strength, and isometrics for building core.

Tabata techniques that have been developed by Olympic athletes and plyometrics are added to increase speed and power. All these components make up POWER 8 exercise routine. This pattern of exercise is easy to learn and incorporate into a busy daily lifestyle. The following strategies incorporate functional movements that will enhance any level of health. There's a SMARTer way to get stronger and its one most of you already know: body weight exercises.

The series of movements you are about to learn ignite muscles simultaneously rather than one at a time. When you do body weight exercises you create a diverse set of motor skills that make you healthier and higher performing. The key is using movements that incorporate many muscles at once.

     For example, push-ups fire off the hamstrings, abs, chest, gluts, forearms, biceps and back muscles while simultaneously burning more calories than just doing a bench press exercise.

    Even better news about the POWER 8 exercise routine it can be done at home! The workout can be completed in the time it takes you to drive to the gym and find a parking spot. No specialized equipment is needed for the POWER 8 weightless workout.


There are 3 steps to follow that create the best results and give improvement in strength and vitality.

1.            Do ALL of the exercises in the order and time described.

2.            Do each exercise for a total of one minute (resting only as needed) and move immediately on to the next exercise at the end of each minute. As you get stronger increase the level of intensity of each movement.

3.            Exercise every day for 21 days to create your movement habit. Challenge yourself to push a little harder with each passing day. If you have time and stamina you can repeat the sequence two or three times. Even if you did the POWER 8 routine 3 times it is still only 24 minutes and becomes an powerful cardio and strength workout.


1.            Jumping jacks: this exercise works left / right brain movements for better coordination and posture.  If you can't do a jumping jack do either upper or lower body movements until you can do the complete exercise.

2.            Pushups: pushups ignite more than 100 muscles if done with proper form. Be sure to keep your back and neck straight and gluts and core engaged. Always lower yourself slowly bringing your chest slowly to the floor.  Begin with knee pushups if needed until your strength improves.

3.            Dips: when doing dips between two chairs always push up with your core and gluts, not just your arms. Lean forward to work more chest. Lean backward to work more triceps (back of arm).

4.            Lunges: when doing walking lunges never let your knees track over your toes- it can lead to knee injuries. When you go into lunge raise both arms forward and above your head. This helps with balance and coordination.

5.            Planks: hold a sustained position on your forearms similar to a push up but without movement. Resting on knees is an alternative in the beginning until your abs get stronger. This exercise is great for building your CORE.

6.            Pull ups: palms facing out pull yourself up so your chin touches the bar. If you can't do your body weight grab ahold of bar, lean back and keep feet on the floor as you pull yourself up at a 45 degree angle.

7.            Mountain climbers: from a push up position bring one knee to your chest and back. Repeat with other knee alternating back and forth. This exercise is great for lowers abs, legs, low back, hamstrings and calves.

8.            Squats: when squatting keep your hands behind your head and squat as deeply as you comfortably can. Contract your abs before you descend, keep your back straight, and squat deeply as if sitting in a chair.      

            When beginning the Power 8 exercise routine complete the movements slow and controlled at first. This forces the tiny muscle adaptations to create more joint strength and a healthier nervous system. As you progress over the 21 day process keep track of the # of reps you can do for each exercise. I like to also grade myself on a 1-10 scale of intensity.1 would be just moving slowly through the exercises and 10 being intense bursts incorporated throughout each exercise. With POWER 8 exercises you can continue to get stronger and healthier without long boring workouts that waste your time and are less effective.  Stay tuned for more POWER 8 exercise routines in the future. Enjoy your new found strength and realize that if you slip in staying consistent, it only takes you 8 minutes to get back on track!

SMART Learning lesson: Make a commitment to put the power 8 minutes of movement into your daily routine. Do you have 8 minutes for your health?



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